Word 2016 for PC – Table of Contents & References

Word 2016 for PC – Table of Contents & References





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Word 2016 for PC - Table of Contents & References 


Microsoft® Word 2016 makes it easy to properly format your table of contents and references. In this Word 2016 for PC – Table of Contents & References course presented by Heather Slee, you’ll learn about topics such as footnotes, endnotes, citations, and bibliographies.


Length: 29min

Course Outline


Getting Started


What you’ll learn in this training


  • Create an automatic table of contents
  • View the table of contents options
  • Use custom heading styles to create a table of contents
  • Update the table of contents
  • Use hyperlinks in a table of contents
  • Format table of contents styles
  • Remove a table of contents
  • Add text command

Footnotes & Endnotes


  • Insert a footnote
  • Insert an endnote
  • Change footnote options
  • Display and edit endnotes and footnotes
  • Convert a footnote to an endnote
  • Delete a footnote or endnote


Citations & Bibliography


  • Set the bibliography style
  • Add new sources from scratch
  • Use existing citations
  • Use citation placeholders in a document
  • Source manager
  • Add new sources using the source manager
  • Convert a placeholder to a source
  • Edit a source
  • Edit a citation
  • Delete a source
  • Create a bibliography
  • Delete a bibliography


Who Is This For


This package is designed for any individual wishing to pursue or enhance their career as a Microsoft Engineer.

Our Online Courses is a cost-effective and successful approach for many individuals. It provides a flexible learning method, allowing candidates to schedule learning at a time that suits them and fits in with other commitments; ideal for those who find it difficult to take time away from their workplace. It also allows candidates to work at their own pace, and revisit sections of the course as often as needed, leading to a fuller understanding of all the topics covered.

In addition, there are none of the high costs of travel and accommodation associated with courses at an external venue.




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