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NLP and Life Coaching Certification Bundle

NLP and Life Coaching Certification Bundle




  • Completion Certificate

  • NEW State of the art platform

  • Employment Advice available on completion

  • 12 Months Access


NLP Practitioner Course 


Our online NLP Practitioner Certification, is the ultimate guide to neuro linguistic programming, its techiques and methodologies. All you need in fact to beome a superbly effective and accredited practitoner.

NLP is universally acknowledged as one of the most advanced agents for change ever created, for both individuals and groups in Education, Business, Coaching, Sales, Therapy, Sports Performance and basically any area where human beings need to improve their performance.

“I have fully audited the Auspicium Home Study & Online NLP Practitioner certification course and found the content to be thorough, well-founded and excellently designed to provide a logical learning-journey that will stimulate learners wanting practical skills in NLP. I can recommend this course.”

Dr Angus McLeod, 2012. Author, International Coach & Visiting Professor of Coaching at Birmingham City University. UK




  • A marked improvement in personal confidence
  • Effortless presenting and leadership skills
  • Better relationships (with your partner, your boss, your friends, customers, children etc…)
  • Less stress, and an end to phobias and fears
  • Fine tune your rapport skills for building deeper and more meaningful relationships
  • Gain an understanding of the importance of body language (both the myths and the facts)
  • Sensory Acuity and Anchoring.
  • Learn about (and model) the language patterns of the greatest influencers of our time
  • Easily and quickly lose bad habits like nail bitting or over indulging in chocolate or wine!
  • Learn the secrets of becoming an effective coach, (and how to make it pay!)
  • Get more fun out of life, by earning more at the same time as working less!
  • Access your course at your own pace, 24 hours a day 7 days a week!
  • Join an online forum to share your experience and learnings with others on your course
  • And so much more in this fantastic online NLP Home Study Programme


Life Coaching Course


“Discover How To Escape Frustration, Procrastination and Demotivation, And Quickly Create The Future You Dream Of, With This Proven, Easy-to-Follow, Guided Process – Guaranteed!”

 If you’re looking to create better relationships, break restricting habits, overcome limiting beliefs, make a swift successful career change, become a better leader, or act with greater confidence to gain the outcomes in life you desire, just follow this guided, life changing process.

Just imagine…

 For a moment, how you’d like your ideal life would look and feel. 

  • If you could simply and quickly overcome whatever obstacles presently stand in your way, how would your perfect life be?
  • If you could wave a magic wand, and change your life for the better, how would your world look and feel?

Just for a moment, imagine the satisfaction, fulfilment and sheer excitement in your life, now you’ve discovered how to quickly and easily remove the obstacles currently blocking your path to fulfilment and freedom.

So, what did you imagine in your new life


  • Happy and fulfilled relationships
  • The courage to start that business of your own, which you’ve always promised you’d do
  • Abundant energy and glowing good health
  • Greater wealth and prosperity
  • You know you can do anything you set your mind to, now you’ve released yourself from those limiting belief, fears and phobias, which have held you back for so long
  • Greater self-confidence and the power to create whatever outcome you set your mind to
  • Reduced and eliminated conflict with those around you
  • The ability to lead from the front and create world class results from your team with effortless ease
  • That career or job you’ve always dreamed of.


This easy-to-follow, guided 20 week transformational programme, gently takes you through every step of the process from demotivation and frustration, to absolute clarity and ability to breakthrough and succeed.

In one complete programme, I’ve gathered every strategy, technique and tool I personally use with my private clients, to create initial and fundamental important breakthroughs from your present frustration, demotivation, and disappointment, to ultimate freedom, fulfilment and breakthrough achievement.

 We all lead busy lives and not everyone can put whole days aside to suddenly make the leaps forward and transform their lives overnight. I understand that life still goes on around us and the day-to-day stuff still has to be done.

 So we have broken the programme down into ‘easy to digest’ weekly modules, which I’ll send directly to you personally. That means you can easily set no more than an hour aside each week, between your busy schedule, to make continual and consistent transformations as we move through the programme together.

 Together, we’ll tackle your day-to-day challenges, which are obstructing your way to the life you dream of, in a structured, effective and paced approach, so I can make sure you don’t miss anything. That way, your results will be even greater.

 As I mentioned before. I’ve been developing, honing and refining the techniques you’re about to discover for over a decade, in many different countries, so I know they can work forThis package is designed for any individual and groups wishing to pursue or enhance their performance in Education, Business, Coaching, Sales, Therapy, Sports Performance and basically any area where human beings need to improve their performance.

Our Online Courses is a cost-effective and successful approach for many individuals. It provides a flexible learning method, allowing candidates to schedule learning at a time that suits them and fits in with other commitments; ideal for those who find it difficult to take time away from their workplace. It also allows candidates to work at their own pace, and revisit sections of the course as often as needed, leading to a fuller understanding of all the topics covered.In addition, there are none of the high costs of travel and accommodation associated with courses at an external venue.




Our training works on all devices including Mobile phones, IPad’s, Android tablets, Macs and PC’s.






Course Outline



Module 1. An Introduction to NLP

Module 2. Presuppositions of NLP (Empowering Beliefs that will move you to action and get you unstuck)

Module 3. Conscious versus Unconscious Mind (How to tap into your creative genius)

Module 4. Sensory Acuity & Rapport (Learn how to build closer relationships and blow away the misconceptions of body language)

Module 5. Representational Systems & Eye Accessing Cues (Why the eyes are the window to the soul and how to make sense of your world)

Module 6. SMART Goal Setting and NLP Present ™ Goal Setting

Module 7. Submodalities (Learn how you can help most people with phobias in less than 20 minutes.

Module 8. Emotional Freedom with Anchoring (How to feel empowered when speaking in public or going into an interview, trigger positive feelings etc)

Module 9. Advanced Anchoring ( Getting rid of negative emotional states that have been haunting you for years in minutes)

Module 10. Intro to Neurolinguistics & Chunking (Make seemingly overwhelming challenges appear more manageable when ‘chunked’ down into smaller tasks)

Module 11. Milton Model (Learn the artfully vague language patterns of one of the greatest hypnotherapists of the 20th Century).

Module 12. The Meta Model x 2 (Sometimes people get stuck in their own language and by Meta Modelling with this Online Course you can learn how to help get unstuck)




• Clear your mind, dismissing the myths surrounding NLP and Hypnosis. From that quiet place you will discover the secret of getting more of what you want from life, (and how best to deal with what you don’t want!)

• Develop your understanding of how humans REALLY experience the world, so that you can access deeper, more meaningful and more fulfilling relationships.

• Eliminate fear and insecure thinking (the biggest obstacles to progress).

• Identify subconscious limiting beliefs, self-imposed obstacles, misunderstanding and barriers to success, in order to access your infinite potential.

• Overcome stress once and for all, replacing it with a feeling of innate health and wellbeing.




Part One – Life Coaching Programme Modules


Module 1. Getting Started video – our quick start video guide to introduce you to your programme and help you get started right away

Module 2. Increased Highly Effective Communication – proven techniques quickly communicate at the highest and most effective level

Module 3. Mind-Body Experience – discover how your mind and body interplay and the strategies you can use to use your natural resources and abilities to greater effect

Module 4. The Unconscious Mind and How to tap into its limitless power – your subconscious mind is immensely powerful However, few of us know how to put this colossal natural power to effective use. You’ll quickly discover how.

Module 5. Sensory Acuity and Calibration – few of us use our inbuilt senses to greatest effect. By tapping into these natural abilities progress can become effortless.

Module 6. Eye Access Patterns – discover how, by watching the eye access patterns of others, you can gain a deeper understanding of their intentions and deeper communication.

Module 7. How to create highly effective and motivating Goals – without goals we never truly achieve. Discover how to create highly motivating goals which will propel you to achieve and succeed.

Module 8. How to design and create predictable outcomes – outcomes are our natural ‘sat-navs’. By discovering well-formed outcomes, achievement comes naturally.

Module 9. Effective rapport building for superb outcomes – successful rapport building is the bedrock to great relationships and communication. Together we’ll create easy to follow rapport building strategies.

Module 10. Anchors – the deeper roots of everyone’s motivations and reactions. By understanding anchors you’ll immediately discover why people behave as they do and what you can do about it.

Module 11. The New Orleans Flexibility Drill

Module 12. Linguistics – how to dig deeper and understand what people are REALLY saying

Module 13. The Milton Model

Module 14. The Circle of Excellence – the proven process to bring about excellent outcomes in any activity and environment

Module 15. Strategies for effective negotiation – the ability to negotiate with confidence and clarity is the gateway to bringing your objectives into being. Together we’ll discover how.

Module 16. Fast Phobia Cure – one of the most common reasons why most people struggle to reach their potential, phobias can be highly debilitating. However, they can be removed. This module shows you how.

Module 17. Transformational Metaphors – transformation is what this programme is all about. This module walks you how to quickly bring about the transformations you desire.


We also provide you with Your own downloadable Home Study Manual to help you track the course and your  personal progress and breakthroughs.


Part Two – Advanced Performance Strategies Programme Modules


Module 1. Advanced Programme Introduction – we’ll guide you round the advance modules to show you how part 2 works and how you can quickly get started

Module 2. Coaching as an Advanced Performance Strategy – coaching is a highly effective performance tool, especially when combined with the specialist skills we cover in part 1 of the programme. Here we’ll show you how effective you are about to become.

Module 3. Understanding the power of our thoughts – ‘thoughts become things’! You’re about to discover how powerful your thoughts are and how to truly harness that power to begin to create great outcomes

Module 4. Advanced Listening Skills – the ability to listen closely and accurately interpret the true meaning of communication is one of the cornerstones of advanced performance and outcome creation

Module 5. Advanced Rapport building – we‘ll have cover basic rapport building and its importance in part 1 of the programme. Here we delve deeper into this fascinating topic, to discover how we can develop deep rapport and influence in any situation and at any time.

Module 6. Advanced Questioning Skills – the ability to elicit the precise information needed to create ultimate communication brilliance is a skill most people will never acquire. This module guides you effortlessly through the advanced techniques and methodology of great questioning.

Module 7. Introduction to advanced goal setting – we covered the importance of goals in part 1 of the programme. Now we’re about to dig deeper. Much deeper.

Module 8. Advanced Goal setting models – discover how to set challenging, motivational and deeply meaningful goals and outcomes to set up your ultimate achievement timeline.

Module 9. Challenging ourselves and others for optimum outcomes – the ability to gently challenge yourself and others is a priceless skill. The ability to motivate, challenge and guide to ultimate achievement is something we all admire in others and something you’re about to acquire.

Module 10. Barriers to achieving goals – obstacles will always appear in our way. However, if we know in advance what they are likely to be we can be prepared and plan our route around them.

Module 11. Setting up a coaching session – discover how to set up any session to coach another to ensure you’ll always get the desired outcome.

Module 12. Proven Business Building Tools – our proven step-by-step formula to successfully establish your new business.

Module 13. Exploring the importance and impact of values and beliefs – values and belief form the foundations of our characters and personalities. By clearly understanding and eliciting the values and beliefs of others we can quickly set ourselves up for better communication and collaboration. 

Module 14. Creating your own business – taking the next step. If you’ve always dreamed of establishing your own business helping others, this module will show you how to get there.

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