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Ethical Hacking: Hacking Applications

Ethical Hacking: Hacking Applications




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Ethical Hacking: Hacking Applications


With this Ethical Hacking: Hacking Applications training course, you will understand and learn how to secure modern application architecture.

This course is for both beginners and IT pros looking to get certified and land an entry level Cyber Security position paying upwards of six figures! There are currently over a million Cyber Security job openings globally, and demand is greatly outpacing supply – which means more opportunity, job security, and higher pay for you!


Course Outline


By purchasing this course, you'll learn the following:


1. Hacking Applications
 Application Architecture and Security (7:56)
 Hamster and Ferret (5:56)
 Morpheus (4:22)
 Heap Spraying Demonstration (4:30)
 OWASP Zed Attack Proxy (12:13)
 Persistent XSS Demo (1:53)
 Buffer Overflow Demonstration (4:36)
 Buffer Overflows Explained (23:18)
 Hacking AJAX (9:25)
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