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Creative Digital Photography Master Bundle

Creative Digital Photography Master Bundle




Unleash your digital photography creativity with this 4-course master bundle!


With this ’Creative Digital Photography Master Bundle’, you will learn to create an efficient digital photography workflow. First, gain an understanding of your camera so you can achieve more creative, satisfying results. Next, unleash the power of your camera’s Manual mode with pro tips and real-world examples. Then, learn the secrets to selecting your own best images and editing them using Adobe Lightroom. Additional Resources Included!


If you’re ready to break free from Auto mode, then this Creative Digital Photography Master Bundle is for you!


The Creative Digital Photography Master Bundle gives you 12 hours of high-quality video training that will help you take control of your camera and creativity.


Find out how to control exposure, properly white balance, understand depth of field, choose the best file type, and so much more! 


Through video, real-world examples, and diagrams, you will gain a fundamental understanding of your camera and how you can be more creative with your photography.


Learn a tried and true method for sorting and organizing your digital photos with Adobe Lightroom. Then make your images really stand out by learning all about editing, presets, split tones, effects, and so much more!


From shooting your photos to organizing and editing them, by the time you’ve completed this course bundle, you will be up and running with your own digital workflow! 

Course Outline


This 4-course bundle includes:

  • Ten Top Tips - Be More Creative with Your Camera!

  • Master Your Camera – Master Your Creativity 

  • Lightroom Digital Workflow 

  • Lightroom CC Masterclass 


Who Is This For


This package is designed for any individual wishing to pursue or enhance their career in design and development.

Our Online Courses is a cost-effective and successful approach for many individuals. It provides a flexible learning method, allowing candidates to schedule learning at a time that suits them and fits in with other commitments; ideal for those who find it difficult to take time away from their workplace. It also allows candidates to work at their own pace, and revisit sections of the course as often as needed, leading to a fuller understanding of all the topics covered.

In addition, there are none of the high costs of travel and accommodation associated with courses at an external venue.




Our training works on all devices including Mobile phones, IPad’s, Android tablets, Macs and PC’s. 

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