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Azalea Academy offers a range of e-learning courses as well as on-premise courses that provide specific skills for everyone interested in pursuing a career or business in technology.  Courses are customised and tailored top specific business requirements upon request.

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Microsoft courses

Our Microsoft courses range from basic, intermediate to advanced levels and can provide career specific skills at entry level and beyond. Globally recognised and useful across almost every industry, these courses will set you up for success.


CompTIA courses

Learn about common operating systems, establishing network connectivity, software applications, IT infrastructure, networking and more. Perfect if you are on the fence and want to dive into the world of an IT professional. Our courses equip you with real world skills that are in high demand on the job market.


Linux courses

Linux is the most popular operating system for web servers, cloud computing, smartphones and consumer electronics. Our Computer lab training will ensure that you are equipped with confidence to take on roles from the very start.

The certifications provided are industry recognised world wide and opens global doors for your career as an IT professional in the UK and beyond


Oracle courses

It is said that 97% of Fortune 500 companies use Oracle and learning about products and technologies such as database technology, Java, MySQL, Linux, Oracle Cloud and Applications. This will enable you to add value to any organisation you work with. Certification validates your knowledge and expertise help you reach your goals


WMware courses

Available soon. These courses will offer training in cloud computing, mobility, networking and security solutions. These courses will provide you with a grounding knowledge and skills in the installation, management, deployment and support of VMware software which will offer great prospects for a career in IT


EC-Council courses

If cyber security and ethical hacking is your thing then these courses would enable you to pursue a career in IT security. As society is increasingly digital so is the need for keeping data and systems secure from malicious intent. There is high demand for these skills in the job market with a strong increase in demand expected


Cisco courses

These courses will provide you with knowledge and skills to face modern day challenges. Training Cisco courses is competitive because Cisco is the biggest network vendor in the world. You will learn about Routing and Switching and then progress to more advanced IT training that will enable you to excel in a future proof career with many options and specialisations available to choose from


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